CO Capture Technology

Process and equipment design to solve problem associated with gas emissions

Benit M offers the efficient solvent absorption process and its recovery system to remove CO from industrial gas streams. Our accumulated experiences on the absorption and distillation column drive us to deliver the cost-effective design on solvent-based CO capture technology.

Benit M offers the design package for CO capture

  • High efficiency of CO removal

  • Cost-effective design

  • Wide operating range

Conceptual Scheme of Solvent-Based CO Capture Process

Together, we need to come up with countermeasures against climate change by effectively curb carbon emissions. CO capture and utilization technology is proven as a way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and generate revenues at the same time. These days, as the concern for better environment is rising, this technology appears to be necessarily applied to industrial sectors.

As the major greenhouse gas, CO needs to be removed efficiently from flue gas produced by the combustion of fossil fuels, such as natural gas and coal. CO contents of flue gases vary depending on the type of fuel used.

Benit M offers the design package for CO capture by providing the column design for the absorber and solvent recovery column. To be an economically feasible process, the design offers flexibility for the client to select any solvent related to the available heat source on-site, such as waste heat.

The design package aims to reduce CO concentration in the exit gas, as a result of the chemical reaction with the solvent in the absorber. Further, the minimum energy requirement is obtained in the solvent recovery column by optimizing the solvent flow rate and column design. Then, the captured CO gas leaves the column to be utilized for commercial purposes.

Particularly, the EAVD can be installed in the absorber to cover the wide operating range of the absorption process while maintaining high efficiency. The EAVD is very useful to maintain uniform distribution at the turn-down flue gas rate.

Conceptual Scheme of Solvent-Based CO Capture Process

Enhanced Active Vapor Distributor(EAVD)