DeSOx Scrubbing Process

Process and equipment design to solve problem associated with gas emissions

Exhaust emissions from marine diesel engines consist of SOx that can harm human health and the environment. SOx is a large contributor to the acid rain. Therefore, International Maritime Organization (IMO) introduced strict regulations to prevent air pollutions.

Unlike the desulphurization technology on land, the limited space on ships poses a challenge for DeSOx scrubbing application on the vessel. By utilizing the deep knowledge of chemical process design, Benit M delivers the scrubber design with better efficiency so that the shipowners can meet reduced SOx emission limits.

The scrubber design provided by Benit M can handle any sulfur content in the ship’s engine fuel. It allows the shipowners to use the less expensive high-sulfur fuels to have low operating cost while maintaining the good quality of the environment.

DeSOx Scrubbing Process

  • Higher distribution quality

  • Enhanced DeSOx scrubbing performance

  • SOx emission level is suitable with ECA regulation.

Conceptual Scheme of DeSOx Scrubbing Process

Recently, the international committees have adopted several restrictions for depletion of the released SOx from industries, including the marine business.

To reduce the SOx emission from the ship’s combustion engine and boiler exhaust gas, Benit M delivers the desulphurization technology via seawater/freshwater scrubbing.

Benit M’s scrubber design offers better distribution quality of the water and the gas in the spray scrubber.

By enhancing the distribution quality, the SOx scrubbing performance is higher than the general scrubber for the same footprint.

The gas outlet of Benit M’s DeSOx scrubbing process successfully meets the level required in an ECA.

Not only for the ship, but the DeSOx scrubbing process can also be implemented in other fields such as steel, power plant, and various industrial application.

Conceptual Scheme of DeSOx Scrubbing Process

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