Active Vapor Distibutor for DWC

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Optimal solution for Mass transfer process. Operation guide, Trouble shooting, Revamping, Column design.

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  • Dividing Wall Column(DWC)

    High Performance, benefit enahnced DWC design.
    • 01.

      15~50% Energy saving by converting two conventional columns to DWC.
    • 02.

      Higher purity middle boiler product by converting one conventional column to DWC.

Enhanced Active Vapor Distributor (EAVD)

Patented 2016. 05. 16 ( KR 10-1709754 ) Video Clip Article
    • Enhanced Active Vapor Distributor (EAVD) enables efficient vapor split rate control for dividing wall column operation.
    • Dividing Wall Column(DWC) is an effective idea to reduce energy consumption of distillation process by about 15%~50%.

      Most of dividing wall columns are equipped with an active liquid splitter.
      Also the vapor splitting imparts a key role in successful operation of dividing wall columns.

      Wide applications of dividing wall column have been deterred due to lack of useful active vapor splitter.

      The Enhanced Active Vapor Distributor (EAVD) created by Benit M enables to control the vapor split ratio easily just by adjusting the liquid level of chimney tray, which the chimney is surrounded by the cap having vapor flow holes.

      This innovation will encourage the use of Dividing Wall Column technology in various fields of Oil & Gas industries.

      Benit M Co., Ltd. is distinguished provider of distillation process design including process simulation as well as fractionation equipment design.
    • Vapor exit window opening control
      by adjusting liquid level.

Energy contributing multi-effect distillation

  • Effective method of recovering waste heat.
  • Minimize heat loss.
  • Energy saving by 35%~65%(Double, Triple).

Forward Osmosis-Distillation Hybrid Desalination

  • Utilize Low Temperature Waste heat.
  • Low steam consumption, 0.2 ton or less steam/water product.
  • Ammonium bicarbonate draw solution.
  • No plugging or fouling trouble.

Mass transfer process basic design

  • • Acetic Acid Purification Unit

    • PTA Acetic Acid dehydration
       Azeotropic Distillation, Extraction

    • Vinyl Acetate Monomer Distillation

    • EG Recovery

    • Propylene Oxide Purification

    • Propylene Glycol Distillation

    • Acrylic Acid Distillation Unit

    • NPG (Neo Pentyl Glycol)

  • • Carbonyl removal from C4 mixture

    • 2EH (2-Ethyl Hexanol) Distillation

    • EB/SM Distillation

    • TDI, TDA Distillation

    • MDI, MDA Distillation

    • Acrylonitrile Distillation

    • Aniline Extraction

    • Alcohol purification

    • Soot Recovery

  • • Refinery Main fractionator

    • NCC Quench Column

    • BTX Sulfolane Extraction

    • Butadien Extractive Distillation

    • LPG Recovery Distillation Unit

    • Steel company Benzol recovery

  • Petrochemical, Chemical, Finechemical : Azeotropic, Extractive, Reactive Distillation, Extraction

Acid gas removal process basic design

  • • Sulfinol Process (Petrochemical)

    • Rectisol Process (Petrochemical)

    • Benfield Process (Petrochemical)

  • • DEA Process (FCC)

    • MEA Process (Petrochemical)

    • MDEA Process (Refinery, NCC,

  • • Ammonia (Steel Company)

    • LPG-Amine Extraction (FCC)

Benit M Performs

  • • Process simulation

    • Operation analysis and consulting
       for optimization

    • Trouble shooting

  • • Process Flow Diagram

    • Material & Heat balance

    • Equipment data sheet

    • Process description & Operation

  • • Mass transfer equipment design
       review(Vender print check)

    • Mass transfer equipment
       fabrication/installation inspection

    • Detail engineering

    • Procurement(Equipment supply)

  • VLE / LLE Test, Extraction test, Distillation system development

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