Oil & Gas, Chemical

Solution from basic design to column design, including advanced distillation

  • Experiences, practical know-how

    Benit M utilizes its accumulated experiences and practical know-how on mass transfer processes such as distillation/absorption, including dividing wall column.

  • Delivers client-oriented services

    Benit M delivers client-oriented services for client’s satisfaction of distillation processes in oil and gas, refinery, petrochemical for variety type of projects such as feasibility study, basic design, troubleshooting, energy saving, revamping, debottlenecking and further more.

  • Economical solution

    We perform the services to improve the client’s existing distillation process system based on our technology and engineering practice to find out the economical solution.

  • Significant experiences

    Benit M has significant experiences on oil & gas and petrochemical plants: Refinery, Petrochemical, Chemical, Fine Chemical, NCC, Butadiene, PTA, Acetic Acid, VAM, Alcohol, etc.

  • Successfully run

    Also, recently the solvent recovery using distillation technology has been designed by Benit M and successfully run by the clients.

Enhanced Active Vapor Distributor(EAVD)